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GetResponse Leads Sync for ZOHO extension

Response Leads Sync extension for Zoho CRM.
Connect Zoho CRM & GetResponse (integration).
Need to integrate Zoho CRM with GetResponse site? Push your Leads to Zoho CRM with a few clicks!

4 easy steps to set up Response Leads Sync for Zoho Extension:

    1.Install the GetResponse Leads Sync extension, from Zoho Marketplace, to your Zoho CRM account. 
    2.Configure and set up the extension. 
    3.Map the field dependencies for Zoho CRM and GetResponse. All custom fields are supported. 
    4.Press Sync Now, or schedule your synchronization.

The extension:
• Maps all custom fields in GetResponse
• Supports campaigns sync 
• Supports scheduled sync 
• Syncs up to a hundred leads per one API request
• Supports multiple GetResponse accounts

GetResponse Leads Sync for ZOHO FAQ

How can I obtain ZOHO API Token?
Open https://accounts.zoho.com and make sure you are logged in. Follow the instructions: https://www.zoho.com/accounts/protocol/oauth.html

Feel free to contact us email[email protected]