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MySQL Easy Sync for ZOHO extension

The MySQL Easy Sync extension sends data from Zoho CRM modules to tables in MySql database.

The extension works with selected by user Zoho CRM modules.

First-time synchronize created tables and imports all data to user's MySQL database.

MySQL Easy Sync synchronizes module records created or modified, so you have online CRM data backup in the MySQL db.

The Extension gives an opportunity to schedule synchronization or sync the data now. If you are afraid to lose the information and your clients' base, you are welcome to back up all the information to your MySQL Data Base. And you have the backup copy of all the data

The Extension gives an opportunity to sync the information from each CRM Module, so all your data will be duplicated on your server. MySQL Data Base creates tables for each CRM Module and you'll easily find the information you need. 

Key Features:
 - Automatically creates MySQL data structure and keeps the data up to date
 - Saves API request by sending up to 100 CRM records per API request
 - Schedules synchronization of Zoho CRM modules data to customer's MySQL database

3 easy steps to set up MySQL for Zoho Extension:

1.Install the App. Specify your Zoho CRM token.

2. Set Zoho and MySql settings

3. Sync chosen data to your Data Base

You can use this extension:

- to backup you data;

- to analyse data of your CRM;

- to transfer data to another location in case of integration;

- and so on;  

Feel free to contact us by skype: crmoz or by the chat on or website: crmoz.com

MySQL Easy Sync for ZOHO FAQ