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ZOHO Email2Lead extension

Расширение Email2Lead преобразует входящее электронное письмо в новый лид CRM в соответствии с правилами клиента.
Расширение работает со стандартным модулем Zoho Crm «Лиды».
Настройка расширения Zoho Email2Lead включает в себя некоторые настройки выбора и анализа электронной почты. Таким образом, вы можете легко адаптировать его к своему бизнес-кейсу.

Установить Email2Lead
Zoho email to lead extension

To setup Email To Lead Extension use four easy steps:

1. Setup and connect to the IMAP mailbox of your company.

2. Get and Set Zoho API Token.

3. Set email filtering rules.

4. Set email parsing rules.

In several minutes new emails will be converted to CRM leads!

Feel free contact us by skype: crmoz or by the chat on our website: crmoz.com

We are always ready to help you to setup our Zoho CRM extensions.

Zoho Email2Lead FAQ

  • How can I obtain ZOHO API Token?
    Open https://accounts.zoho.com and make sure you are logged in. Follow the instructions: https://www.zoho.com/accounts/protocol/oauth.html
    Short video manual: https://youtu.be/ght28GCr_6o

  • How to map CRM fields?
    Set parsing type:
    String after keyword - gets the text from the content of an email that follows user's keyword.Set keyword. Set Leads Module Field. The text after the keyword will be written down to the field.
    Sender email address or 'Sent By' will be passed to the field of Leads Module you set.
    Email Subject  will be passed to the field of Leads Module you set.
    Email text  or 'email body' or 'email content' will be passed to the field of Leads Module you set.
    Any text - use this option to insert any text you want to the field of  Leads Module. E.g. name of the parsing rule 'Email from Zoho'.
  • Where can I find IMAP settings for Gmail?